Why New beginning Academy

  • New beginning academy is a one of a kind learning institution for children from the ages of 3 months to 5 years.
  • We strive in making an impact in the future of all our kids at new beginning academy.
  • Our focus is making sure that each day is a new experience for the learners, filled with fun and excitement for learning new things each and everyday.
  • It is also important for our kids to feed safe and secure at all times while at new beginning academy.
  • We are passionate about providing a world class learning experience for the learners, by working hand in hand with the parents, teachers and children. We maintain a standard of highly qualified educators to ensure that the learners are equipped with best early childhood development skills to nature their growing minds.
  • Our learning programmes are designed to stimulate physical, social, emoltionaland cognitive well-being for children of ages 3 months to 5 years.
  • New beginning academy provides nutritious meals and snacks everyday to stimulate a healthy body and mind for our learners.


  • 3 months - 2 year : R 1 250 per month
  • 3 years - 5 years : R 920 per month
  • Registration fee : R 650 once a year
  • Aftercare fees : R 200 per month
    Aftercare times : 2pm - 6pm

Registration & School Times

  • Registration open from the 01.11.2019
  • School will be resume on the 06.01.2020
  • Gates open from 6am - 6pm Monday to Friday
  • Children from 3 months - 5 years

Our Vision

Working with and for all children in the early years in a respectful way, to provide them with quality experiences and equality of opportunities to achieve their full potential.

Our Aim

The aim of New Beginning Academy is to help every child to develop knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours for life-long learning, schooling and work.